Backpacker Hostel: The Essentials For Your Stay

passenger and suitcase waiting on chair in departure lounge

There’s one thing you want during a stay in a backpacker hostel… that is to be prepared. Whether you’re in bustling cities or exploring serene landscapes, being comfortable and safe is key during your travels. Try this comprehensive guide to help get all your must-have essentials for your stay at a backpacker hostel.

Padlock / Cable Lock

Never let security slide. Hostels see a healthy flow of people entering their doors. Invest in a sturdy padlock or cable lock that will safeguard your belongings while you’re out exploring or catching up on some much-needed rest. Most hostels provide lockers, and having your lock ensures peace of mind in a typical backpacker hostel.

Eye Mask and Earplugs

Backpacker hostels can be lively hubs of activity, often making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. An eyemask and earplugs can be the make or break for a peaceful stay. If you wake up refreshed and ready to seize the day – Block out the glare of lights and say no to interrupted sleep!

Travel Towel

Space is precious when backpacking, so opt for a compact and quick-drying travel towel. A travel towel is a versatile essential that will come in handy after showers, swims, or (and the UK knows this one best) impromptu rain showers. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and won’t take up major real estate in your backpack.

Power Bank

Some hostels may treat you to a charging port. You might not always be so lucky. A reliable power bank ensures your devices stay charged throughout your adventures. Take it from us, your power bank can save you from lots of sticky situations. Don’t let a drained battery put a damper on your travels. Be smart.


Backpacker hostels can be hospitable environments for some hygiene challenges. Flipflops provide a barrier between your feet and potentially unsanitary surfaces, reducing the risk of infections – particularly in showers. They are essential to your backpacking arsenal that you’ll be grateful for with every step.

Document Sleeve

A dedicated document sleeve keeps your important travel papers organised and protected. From passports and visas to tickets and itineraries, having all your essential paperwork in one secure place minimises the risk of misplacement. We beg of you, please always keep your passport safe.


A successful backpacking adventure begins with thoughtful preparation and packing of those crucial essentials. From securing your belongings to ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep, these must-have items will help you make the most of your stay at any backpacker hostel. So, pack smart, embark on your journey with confidence, and get ready to create unforgettable memories today.