Backpacker Hostel: Tips to Find the Best Place to Stay

person in a hammock in a hostel

Choosing the right accommodation can be a make or break for a memorable trip. Whether travelling solo or with friends, finding the perfect backpacker hostel can enhance your experience while keeping costs down. Here are some valuable tips to help you find the best place to stay.

Booking Accommodation

When is best?

The timing of your booking can significantly impact your choices and costs. Take it from us, booking well in advance means you have a wider selection of hostels to choose from, especially during peak travel seasons. It’s not always the best option, but last-minute bookings can sometimes lead to great deals, especially if hostels have empty beds they’re eager to fill.

Where is best?

Of course, location is key when it comes to backpacker hostels. Look for accommodations situated near public transportation hubs, popular attractions, and nightlife hotspots. This saves you time and money on commuting and allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and make the most of your trip.

Our biggest tip: ALWAYS check for local celebrations and events that might affect the price and accessibility of your chosen accommodation. This differs from country to country.

Accommodation Spending


A backpacker hostel is a popular choice for travellers on a budget. They offer dormitory-style accommodations with communal areas and will most likely provide free Wi-Fi, kitchen facilities, and organised activities. Hostels are affordable and foster a social atmosphere, making them ideal for meeting fellow travellers.

Budget Hotels

For those times when a backpacker hostel lacks that extra privacy, budget hotels can also offer competitive rates and a touch of luxury. Look for hotels that cater to your budget with affordable room rates, complimentary breakfast, and essential amenities. Some hotels will have cheaper rates for single beds instead of queen or doubles, so remember compromise can work in your favour!

ALWAYS Check Reviews

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Safety should always be a top priority when choosing accommodation. Before booking a backpacker hostel, read reviews from previous guests to gauge its overall security. Look for mentions of secure lockers, well-lit areas, and attentive staff. Our biggest tip… trust your instincts! If something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to look for alternative options.

Public Health

We hate to say it, but some (not all) backpacker hostels might not be so luxurious. Check recent reviews to see how hostels are handling cleanliness, sanitation, and staffing. Look for properties prioritising guest safety by implementing strict hygiene protocols and adhering to local health guidelines. No one is looking to share a bed with unwanted (crawling) guests if you know what I mean.


In conclusion, finding the best backpacker hostel requires careful consideration of factors such as booking timing, location, budget, safety, and public health. Follow these tips and you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay during your backpacking adventures. Happy travels!